How important is a morning team meeting in a practice?

From my stand point and experience its imperative to the team, the patients and the practice in general, and that goes for all types of practices.

So why? What do I think can be achieved in 10 minutes?

SIGNIFICANT TEAM AWARENESS of the business day that’s about to start!

Schedule a time for a morning meeting each day the practice is open, approximately 25 minutes before the first appointment. That breaks down into something along the following lines:

Meeting to Commence: 7.45 am

                              End: 8.00 am

First Patient to be seated: 8.10am

Doors must be unlocked at 8.00am and ready to welcome patients into the practice.

I recommend the following be used as a preparatory guideline for your practice, knowing that each practice is different. You’ll be amazed at how much better the day flows. Use this opportunity as a time to come together and brainstorm for the day ahead.


  • Reviews his vision/mission statement with team

Dental Assistant

  • Availability in schedule for emergency office visits
  • Any schedule concerns for the day
  • Follow up phone calls on surgery patients and previous emergency office visits
  • Check on possible requirement of any before and after photos on today’s patients (if necessary)
  • Health updates of patients (if necessary)

Lab Assistant

  • New lab cases received
  • Scheduled problems of lab cases if any
  • Availability in schedules for any necessary impressions
  • Follow up phone calls
  • Before and after photo if needed 


  • All charts to be reviewed for TX outstanding, for proposed or accepted services
  • Review need for perio services
  • Review need for x-rays
  • Review need for medical update

Office Administrators

  • New patient information reviewed
  • Emergency office visit information if any
  • Cancellations\ Reschedules
  • Financial concerns
  • Follow up phone calls for previous days new patients
  • Financial, treatment plan or schedule concerns for the day
  • Employee concerns for the day 


 by CAROLE HOLCROFT, Business,Exec,& Leader.Coach;Risk Mang Consult;Licensed PRINT® Personality,Behavioral Coach;Speaker;Facilitator;Author