Sunday, June 9, 2013

More shots from our Saturday event. Great Day!

John kicked mud in my face.

12.99 per gallon for 112 octane.  I did not fill up.

John 'the Twizzle' Vance, Colby 'the Hammer' Criswell, John 'Mudman' Legleu, myself, Mike 'the Vice' Bellerino, Jim 'the Hurt' Gilbert and Steve 'Smasher' Brooksher.  

Our hero......John Vance!

Capital Study Club + Trinident Dental Lab + NOLA Motorsports

Mike and Donna Bellerino really outdid themselves yesterday at their lab. Mike did an awesome job demonstrating his artistry in porcelain and smile design.

Lunch was great and the afternoon photography session was a wonderful review with some great pearls.  Mike's passion about his work, family and hobbies is truly contagious.

The kart racing rounded out the day with John 'the Twizzle' Vance taking home first prize for Team CSC!